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Balaa Episode 23 Story Review

Balaa Episode 23 Story Review, Balaa was exhausting and unconvincing no doubt. Every one of the things that are going on in this show are diverting and simply have neither rhyme nor reason on the grounds that at one hand the author has given us such a scheming character yet then again we have such stupid characters who are burrowing their own graves. Notwithstanding not having another story, Balaa still had a ton of potential but since the essayist has decreased its dimension to such insignificant issues which rotate around jharu pocha, this show has lost its effect!

Balaa Episode 23 Story Review

Taimoor got Batool wedded to Junaid and simply like that, he woke up in an awful mind-set and betrayed Nigar. Likewise, the lady who was stammering before Nigar only multi day before now begun demonstrating her fits of rage and begun talking against her that too before her child, yes I am discussing Shama. The manner in which the essayist has changed their characters and their responses make it harder to consider them important. Kal tak to Taimoor gave Nigar a honor for being the best beti bahu biwi and now he didn’t mind and simply abandoned her all alone to do whatever she needed to, that as well when she was amidst a contention with Shama grasping a wipe?
I completely consented to Nigar when she said that Taimoor was really feeling remorseful and was getting out of hand by putting all the fault on her for Junaid’s drinking issues. Regardless of what Taimoor does or says, nothing will fix the harm that he has caused and the way that it is he who has obliterated Batool’s life. The way everybody responded after getting some answers concerning Junaid’s drinking propensity was so diverting, similar to what did they expect that he will leave everything simply because he got hitched to Batool? Didn’t they realize that the addicts need to go to a re-hab with the end goal to desert it yet all these gullible individuals really suspected that shadi will act like a desi todka and har marz ki dawa and bring Junaid out of this? Truly? Which world do they live in???

Junaid’s bipolar state of mind is the exact opposite thing I needed to see however shockingly, the whole scene of Balaa was loaded up with him and his unfortunate jokes where he was either drinking, threatening Batool or making an issue over nothing. Junaid clearly is having issues confiding in Batool in light of the fact that he supposes Zeba who adored him deceived him so Batool who would not like to get hitched to him wouldn’t be faithful to him. I thoroughly trust that Taimoor ought to have had a discussion with Junaid with the end goal to decide and to see whether Junaid was in the correct attitude to get hitched to Batool.

Once more, it is unconvincing to the point that Junaid sets up a demonstration before his in-laws and everybody trusts him while totally disregarding the way that Taimoor and also Saleha likewise observed him drinking when they gone into his room. The manner in which this whole issue has been taken care of in this dramatization is very unconvincing to the point of being silly.

Nigar kept on making an issue over negligible things and now Taimoor has coordinated his shouting energies towards his better half. This sudden flip in his state of mind simply didn’t bode well ideal from the minute the scene started. All things considered, Batool was attempting run endured Junaid yet then even she was left mistaken for his conduct as he acted like an entire bipolar who was setting up a demonstration of being pleasant and also tormenting Batool in the meantime.


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