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Drama Serial Khud parast Episode 8 Reviews Story 2018

Drama Serial Khudparast Episode 8 Reviews Story 2018, Ramsha Khan and Shehzad Sheik starrer Khudparast is that one sequential which makes us sit tight for Saturday night energetically. Composed by Radain Shah and coordinated by Aabis Raza, Khudparast centers around the battles of this young lady Uswah, an exceptionally liberal and bubbly young lady from a working class moderate family, who gets hitched to the most youthful child of an exceptionally well off yet clearly traditionalist family, controlled exclusively by Uswa’s relative Bakhtawar, extremely religious on the external however greatly prevailing and tricky on the internal.

Drama Serial Khud parast Episode 8 Reviews Story 2018

A week ago, the show shut on a colossal battle among Uswa and Hanaan, as she acted up with her relative on scrutinizing her over their returning home at the later hours of the night. While Hanaan was attempting to handle the circumstance positively, Uswa couldn’t keep her cool and demolished everything, allowing Bakhtawar to turn Hanaan against Uswa.

This scene opened with Uswah becoming more acquainted with the ground substances of why Beenish (her jithani) bears everything that Bakhtwar tosses at her. Beenish portrays the disastrous story of her life and how her destiny conveyed her to Bakhtawar’s home. In any case, rather than being thoughtful, Uswa, somewhat narrow minded in nature, reveals to her that it is a result of Beenish that she needs to experience all the torment. On the off chance that Beenish had made a stride previously, Uswa’s present and future would not have been in such an unrest.

Rather than the circumstance getting serene after the battle, things deteriorate among Uswa and Hanaan as Hanaan physically manhandled Uswa over standing up negative things about Beenish and Bakhtwar. While Uswa could have taken care of the circumstance carefully, she set off Hanaan’s resentment by inciting him with her unforgiving words which at last prompted physical savagery.

Unfit to handle the circumstance, Uswa goes out, pursuing a war against her relative and returns to her own home. While Uswa’s senior sibling Saad supported her when she enlightened them regarding the physical torment being perpetrated upon her by her in-laws, however later he backs off from his words when Moeez, Hanaan’s sibling, offers a rewarding business venture of Rs 5 crore to him, adhering to Bakhtawar’s directions.


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