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Drama Yeh Rishta revenge and repulse lined up Revelations

Drama Yeh Rishta revenge and repulse lined up Revelations, Lav and Kush’s birthday party changes into a troubled minute. They ask their father Akhilesh not to partition the house. Akhilesh gets Samarth back in the family. He vents outrage on his mum and whole family. He feels uncertain on account of Manish. He loses his faculties due to Samarth’s incitement. He believes he has been visually impaired as of recently and trusted Manish to such an extent. He understands his errors. He reveals to Manish that he won’t be her manikin any longer. He discloses to Dadi that she would have changed the situation on the off chance that she adored him. He charges her for not being a decent mother. He reveals to her that she has been unreasonable towards him and simply adored Manish. He breaks the tranquility of the family.
yeh rishta kya kehlata hai
Akhilesh affronts Manish, Kartik and Suwarna. Naira can’t trust this. She discloses to Kartik that Akhilesh is talking the words sustained in his mouth by Samarth. Kartik likewise realizes that Samarth is separating the family. Akhilesh joins Samarth in the business. Manish understands that Samarth is the genius.

Yeh Rishta revenge

Kartik uncovers Samarth’s malicious arrangement to trap the family. Samarth needs the family to know the past. He has experienced a considerable measure of bad form and enduring. He always reminds Dadi about his folks’ unintentional demise. He considers Dadi in charge of removing the family and murdering them. Samarth needs exact retribution from Goenkas. He needs Goenkas to pay for his vexed agonizing adolescence. Samarth stifles his torment and turns negative.

He needs Akhilesh to remain resolved to expel the family from the house. Akhilesh requests that Manish give the property share. He requests Goenka manor and requests that Manish go out soon. He needs Manish and his family to escape the house. Dadi gets torn by the family parcel. What will Kartik and Naira do to stop the parcel?


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