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Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 20 February 2019 written update

The present scene begins with Dadi admonishing Akshat as he asked Guddan to leave from that point. He influences her to understand that Guddan endeavors to satisfy him and she arranged for the main passing commemoration of Antara. Akshat later uncovers that whatever he did was for Guddan’s respsect so Durga ought not have the capacity to mortify her any longer. Dadi ends up cheerful.

In the following scene, Vikram says to Guddan that she is treating it terribly to help Akshat as he doesn’t regard their connection. In any case, Guddan requests that he avoid her and Guddan’s issue as he is her better half. She asks him not to feel that Akshat has slaughtered Antara. However, Vikram is as yet certain that he will get some confirmation against Akshat.

The adoration of Antara’s passing commemoration begins. Guddan and Vikram likewise join that. Vikram sees a major light help up close to Antara’s photograph. He goes to hold submits front of the photograph yet additionally keeps the Pooja plate close to the light. She sees that Vikram has accomplished something. The Priest asks Akshat to begin the Aarti. While Akshat goes to get the Arrti plate, Guddan stops him as she realizes that it is especially hot because of the warmth of the light. So she grabs the Aarti light herself and gets her hand consumed. AKshat ponders about it. Guddan says that she will go with him for the adoration as she is his significant other. Akshat consents to that. Guddan gets loose with that. They play out the worship together. Vikram inspires disillusioned as his arrangement to hurt Akshat has fizzled in light of Guddan. After the reverence is finished, Akshat goes to take the Aarti light from Guddan yet his hand gets scorched. He understands that the light is hot and Guddan is as yet holding it. He sees her hands are scorched. He chastens her for not giving him a chance to understand that her hands are getting singed. Be that as it may, Guddan requests that he be cool. Dadi gives the Sandal glue to apply on her palm. Akshat does it. Vikram gets irate. Be that as it may, Guddan is glad as she sees Akshat thinks about her. She asks him whether the love was finished according to his desire. Akshat says that it was.

In the following scene, Guddan goes to Vikram’s room. He blasts his indignation on her. In any case, Guddan gives him the offertory of the passing commemoration of Antara. She requests that he be cool as Antara would have been disturbed to see him so much angry.But Vikram doesn’t feel that the love will give his sister harmony. He includes red crisp powder in the offertory and eats it regardless of whether it is excessively zesty. Guddan attempts to stop him yet he doesn’t.

Guddan comprehends Vikram’s annoyance as he has lost his sister yet she likewise feels that the manner in which he is utilizing isn’t right. She sees that the photograph of her mom is absent. Be that as it may, later she sees her mom’s photograph inside the room close to Antara’s photograph. Akshat additionally offers blooms to the photograph. Guddan is upbeat that he gave equivalent appreciation and significance to her mom.

Dadi sees Durga is stressed. Durga begins griping about Guddan. Dadi says that she simply needs to fault Guddan for everything that occurs and doesn’t sees that Guddan and Akshat did the reverence together for Antara’s passing commemoration. Dadi is cheerful that Akshat and Guddan are coming nearer. She requests that Durga acknowledge the reality which will get joy the house.

Akshat likewise expresses gratitude toward Guddan for the adoration see performed with him. He additionally comprehends that she more likely than not recalled her mom on that minute. Guddan begins crying. Akshat does some reverence of her mom’s photograph alongside her. Guddan is upbeat about it.

Vikram’s collaborator advises him that the tape is fixed. Vikram is cheerful as he will probably trap Akshat for Antara’s homicide and Guddan won’t most likely help him.

Following day morning, Guddan gets up toward the beginning of the day. She recollects the previous evening when Akshat did Aarti of her mom. She feels that as she remains in Akshat’s room, Vikram won’t most likely mischief Akshat. At that point Vikram thumps the entryway. She asks Vikram to talk gradually as Akshat is resting. In any case, Vikram discloses to her that he will get the evidence in at some point and he will demonstrate that Akshat has slaughtered Antara. Guddan is stunned with that.


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