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Ishq Subhan Allah Romance picks up in Aapke Aa Jane Se

Ishq Subhan Allah Romance picks up in Aapke Aa Jane Se, ahil plans a romantic date for Vedika. Sahil becomes a radio jockey for her and expresses love in a unique way. He wants to announce his love for Vedika. He tells people about his lady love, who means the world to him. Vedika turns shy on hearing him. Sahil and Vedika’s romance goes on. Vedika tells Sahil that she loves him a lot. He tells her that he is born just to hear her I love you. Sahil is extremely happy. He wants Vedika to always keep smiling. On the other hand, Bhoomi tries to get Sahil back. Bhoomi wants Sahil in her life. Sahil refuses to Bhoomi’s love.

Ishq Subhan Allah Romance

Ishq Subhan Allah
Ishq SubhanAllah: Kabeer and Zara will be seen having beach romance. They spend some good time at the beach. Zara’s dupatta flies off and gets away in the waves. Kabeer risks his life and swims all the way to get her dupatta. Zara worries for Kabeer. Kabeer tells her that he can do anything for her smile. They have a horse ride.

Zara shouts to the world that she loves him. Kabeer doesn’t want any such show up of love. He gets upset with her when she gets a new venture from Shariah board. He is against the venture. He doesn’t want Zara to get involved in it. Kabeer and Zara have a moment. Kabeer finds Zara disturbed because of Ruksar. Zara feels that Ruksar didn’t leave from their lives, she is still connected since Kabeer didn’t divorce her. Their beautiful moment breaks when Zara recalls Ruksar’s words.

Zara makes Kabeer away. He understands her concern. Zara wants Kabeer and Ruksar’s divorce. Zara wishes Ruksar willingly frees Kabeer from the unwanted relation. Zara wants Kabeer’s love only for herself. Will Zara succeed to tackle Ruksar? Keep reading.

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