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Ishq Subhan Allah Zara Kabeer relation revive

Ishq Subhan Allah Zara Kabeer relation revive, Zara and Kabeer have returned home from Mumbai. She doesn’t need their hard working attitudes issues to come in the middle of their exquisite connection. Zara sentiments Kabeer. They both bring shocks for one another. They review the time spent together. They go down the world of fond memories and discuss their excellent minutes. Zara gets astonished seeing their gathering pictures. She needs to begin another existence with Kabeer. She gives him a chance to come back to their room. She discloses to him that they can remain together at this point. They make new love pledges. She invites Kabeer back in the stay with flower petals. She demonstrates the moon appearance in water to Kabeer.
Ishq Subhan Allah
She reveals to him that the moon is an observer of their promises and harmony. Kabeer gets passionate. Ruksar has turned out to be rationally sick. She turns into a tyke rationally. She inconveniences the family by putting her life in hazard.

Zeenat yells on observing Ruksar’s franticness. Kabeer and Zara’s minute breaks on hearing the shouts. They discover Ruksar in a bad position once more. Ruksar moves at the window. She advises everybody that she is heading off to Kabeer’s room. Kabeer attempts to encourage Ruksar. Kabeer and family rapidly orchestrate a sleeping cushion with the goal that Ruksar falls over that and doesn’t get injured. Kabeer gets Ruksar down securely. Zeenat needs to send Ruksar away. Zara prevents Zeenat from sending Ruksar. Zeenat discloses to Zara that she needs Ruksar’s security first.


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