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Ishqbaaz Drama Shivika to have a remarriage this Episode

Ishqbaaz Drama Shivika to have a remarriage this Episode, Shivay understands his slip-up when Anika leaves from his life. Anika makes another arrangement to influence him to understand their affection. Shivay adores her a considerable measure and needed to make her away only for her improvement. Shivay looks for Anika the distance. He understands that he has placed her in more inconveniences by making her away. Anika needs him to discover that his yielding and agonizing move won’t help her either. She needs to be with Shivay under any conditions. Shivay looks for assistance from Gauri and Khanna to discover Anika. Shivay needs to give all the regard to Anika once more. He intends to recover his better half. On discovering Anika and saying ‘sorry’ to her, he gets her home and guarantees to redress his missteps.
He chooses to get hitched to her once more. He tells everybody that he will wed Anika once more. Shivay acquires joy the family by pronouncing this uplifting news. Nani asks Shivay and Anika not to meet until the marriage.

Shivay and Anika make two groups. Gauri and Bhavya bolster Shivay, while Omkara and Rudra get on Anika’s group. Gauri and Bhavya request that Anika demonstrate that she is a meriting young lady. Anika breezes through the tests. She demonstrates she merits Shivay. Omkara and Rudra likewise call up Shivay and request that he demonstrate his strength. They give little undertakings to Shivay too. Shivay finishes the fun undertakings. This gets light minutes the family.

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