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Naagin 3 November 24,2018 Written Update Full Episode

Naagin 3 November 24,2018 Written Update Full Episode, Naagin 3 begins with a battle between Vyom (Aly Goni) and Yuvi/Vikrant after he discovers him playing with his sister. Andy (Chetan Hansraj) and Sumitra Sehgal come there and stop the battle. He says Yuvi was playing with his sister, Rinky and attempting to allure her in the room. Maahir (Pearl V Puri) inquires as to whether he went into the young lady’s room. Bela additionally fires him. Maahir apologizes to Vyom for Yuvi. He says I won’t endure any terrible conduct towards ladies in my home. Vyom says Yuvi is lying that he didn’t go into the young lady’s room. Bela inquires as to whether he says Yuvi in the stay with his very own eyes. She insults him about his vision. Vyom says he heard Yuvi talking crap. Maahir advises Yuvi to apologize to Rinky for his coquettish conduct. He does it at his request. He likewise advises Yuvi to apologize to Vishakha (Anita Hassanandani) and go out. Maahir says I won’t permit lack of respect of ladies in this living arrangement. Vyom advises Maahir to reexamine. Maahir says Yuvi has the right to be on the streets. Afterward, Vyom says I simply needed to show Yuvi a thing or two and it is alright. He instructs him to excuse Yuvi. Maahir gives him a serious cautioning.

Naagin 3 November 24,2018 Written Update

Naagin 3
Bela thinks about whether Vikrant/Yuvi intentionally played with Rinky or not. Vishakha shoots him for putting in a night with some other lady. She says you have disfavored me as a spouse. Vikrant/Yuvi advises her to quit playing spouse. Vishakaha thinks about whether Bela sent him to Rinky’s room. Yuvi concedes he did it intentionally and feels baffled. Vyom’s mother instructs him to control his indignation. He shouts at Rinky for being with a snake. His mother says we have to live here to end those Naagins and Naag Vansh. He says he will complete Bela first. Vyom guarantees to complete the Naag Rani Bela.

Naagin 3 24th November 2018 Written Episode

Bela inquires as to whether he laid down with Rinky as Yuvi. She says I realize you are a double-crosser. Vikrant says I didn’t have intercourse with Rinky yet imagined just to make Vyom furious. Bela says we have to break the solidarity between these vultures to spare our Naag Vansh. She additionally cautions him to uncover such plans to Vishakha first or else his marriage will be stuck in an unfortunate situation. Andy and Sumitra plan for the night slam. Vikrant catches Andy-Sumitra discussions and says today around evening time I need to complete my adversaries, the vultures. The purple snake comes there and he is stunned.

In her room, Bela is changing her saree. Vyom looks at her from behind. She is irate and asks him what is he doing there? He says in the event that you grumble to your better half, I will disclose to him you called me here. Bela says I am separated from everyone else enough to complete you off. Vyom says I am not a trouble maker and attempts to get cozy with her. He reminds her how his sibling Kesha slaughtered her sister, Juhi subsequent to putting on a show to be her sweetheart. He says she slaughtered her sibling and now he will complete her group. He discusses Juhi’s demise. Vyom says he will meet her at the last party of her life.

Bela sheds tears pondering Juhi’s passing. She takes out a trimming that is her sister’s keepsake. She recalls their glad recollections and how she delegated her as the Naag Rani. She recollects how her sister would state that Bela is the ideal contender for Naag Rani. We are demonstrated a flashback where Bela discloses to her sister that she would dependably think about her. She looks for absolution for her demise. Vikrant asks his mother for what valid reason she is so furious with him? He says I won’t extra Vyom. The purple snake gets furious. Vikrant says I have comprehended that you need me to band together with Vyom so we can get the Naag Mani from Bela/Ruhi. A’s foe is a companion. Bela swears today around evening time you will see the solidarity between Naag Lok and how we will complete you.

Then again, Vikrant says I will crush Vyom however Bela won’t win either. Maahir snatches Bela’s midriff and asks her for what reason would she say she is stressed? They have an adorable sentimental discussion. The gathering starts. Andy calls Maahir to do the distinctions. He uncovers the strategies for success of the firm. Aaadi and a companion are examining that if Vishakha is available in a gathering who can focus on introductions. Vish ponders where is Vikrant. We see Vyom strolling into the gathering with shades escorted by his mother. He watches everybody. Vikrant and Vyom meet in the passage. They say we are holding hands. Vikrant says I am not Bela’s foe. He says I know Vyom you are a traitor and a fake. He says you can torch the Sehgal house however don’t you set out damage Bela. Vyom says I need half of the valuable Naag Mani. Afterward, Vikrant says I will never give the Naag Mani to you. Vyom says I will isolate Bela from Maahir and slaughter her. He says I am not inspired by any Naag Mani.

Andy Sehgal advises Vish and Yuvi to begin the gathering. They move on Khoya Chand. Kuhu and Sumitra look on. Bela keeps a watch on Vyom. Maahir reveals to her he will hit the dance floor with her in private. Bela gets an episode of hack and requests water. She sneaks outside and Maahir pursues her. So does Yuvi. In a flashback, Bela is seen telling Yuvi/Vikrant and Vish to divert Maahir. Aadi and a person plays with Vish. All of a sudden, Vish spots Yuvi/Vikrant drinking ceaselessly and asks for what reason is he here. Bela goes to the vehicle and Vyom likewise enters it. Maahir ponders where have these two gone and tails them. Vishakha (Anita Hassanandani) gets stressed seeing Maahir behind Bela. Vikrant comes there and sentiments her. Vish is enraged and says we should pursue Bela’s requests. She says the vultures can murder us. Vikrant suffocates Vish and throws her at the divider.


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