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New entry Drama Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

New entry Drama Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Ishita and her girls handle Sudha’s sharp traps by taking the baraat for Rohan and Karan at Sudha’s home. They make a tremendous dramatization to urge Sudha to fall before them. Ishita prevails with regards to transforming Sudha’s children into her hirelings, so that the folks take in their slip-up of making a joke of marriage. While Ishita and whole Bhalla family get occupied in showing them a thing or two and expediting them the correct way, Sudha concocts better approaches to occupy Bhallas’ consideration by setting more issues. Sudha isn’t giving Raman and Ishita a chance to remain in harmony. She traps Raman in false claims. Raman falls in lawful inconveniences. Sudha includes inconveniences for Raman once more.
yeh hai mohabbatein
Sudha reveals to Raman that a mail desired him, a laborer’s better half has reprimanded Raman. Raman gets maligned. The speculators recommend Raman to apologize to the lady and give her pay to end the case. Raman discloses to them that he isn’t to blame, for what reason would he apologize to anybody. He doesn’t recollect any occurrence.

New entry Drama Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Sudha discloses to Raman that the laborer kicked the bucket by the mischance that happened in the organization, he has give a remuneration, he needs to help the specialist’s family monetarily and all around conceivable. She insults Raman for being so unmindful. Sudha has arranged this to place Raman stuck in an unfortunate situation. Sudha figures Ishita can’t take care of this issue. Raman has no clue about the past stage, when he wasn’t in his aggregate detects.

Sudha thinks about Raman’s memory misfortune. She traps Raman carefully. She makes the lady guarantee her rights post the laborer’s passing. Sudha brings another show by plotting the lady in Bhalla house. Raman doesn’t question on Sudha, however Ishita speculates Sudha. Sudha makes a decent attempt to demonstrate that she isn’t engaged with this chaos. The new passage dazes Ishita the most, since she didn’t anticipate that Sudha will plant somebody in their family.


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